Split Systems - H Series
Providing Ideal Comfort

Experience the ideal comfort with the innovative design of the H Series Air Conditioners. Available in a range of sizes, these systems provide super quiet operation with increased airflow.

The best of both worlds

The Galaxy Air’s range of reverse cycle split systems provides the best of both worlds, keeping you cool in summer & warm in winter. With a wide range these systems cater for single rooms to large living spaces. These units offer a clean modern design with an unobtrusively wall mounted internal unit and a ground/wall/roof mounted external unit. So for a simple & economical solution to control the temperature in your home think... Galaxy Air.

The H Series Range

For Small Spaces

2.5kW Unit

Item No.

3.5 Star

4 Star

RRP (Supplied & Installed): $1,975* 

For Small to Medium Spaces

3.5kW Unit

Item No.

2.5 Star

2.5 Star

RRP (Supplied & Installed): $2,085* 

For Medium to Large Spaces

5.0kW Unit

Item No.

2 Star

2.5 Star

RRP (Supplied & Installed): $2,400* 

For Large Spaces

7.0kW Unit

Item No.

1.5 Star

2 Star

RRP (Supplied & Installed): $2,700* 

* RRP based on standard installation in metro areas for back to back install to single storey properties only. Electrical works excluded.


Blue Fin Heat Exchanger

This anti-corrosion material provides a more durable unit whilst increasing the the heat exchanger efficiency and effectiveness.

Rotary Compressor

Rotary Compressors reduce both noise and vibration. 

Self Cleaning Mode

When activated, this cycle removes dust from the evaporator fins to provide a clean interior unit that reduces the breeding of bacteria.

Turbo Mode

In Turbo mode, the desired temperature is reached quickly using a special programme.

Sleep Mode

Allows the unit to run a special automatic program to maintaining ideal comfort during the night whilst offering the best energy efficiency.

Dry Mode

When activated, the unit automatically adjusts the speed of the indoor fan to suit the difference between actual and set temperature for mild or strong dehumidification.